Even if he can close the wings

I often expressed as a "wings" dance of Chayanne.

It is almost like the wings of "Pegasus". . . Gallantly, supple, sexy...etc.
Is the greatest weapon of Chay, no doubt it was a the one and only charm.

Chayanne made its debut at the age of 10,
His "wings" were the most and the best feature from the 1990s through 2000.


Time the album "Simplemente" was released,
Dance of time that has appeared extensively in programs such as Spanish songs show is perfect!!
It did not allow the other tracking.

However, the supply and the release of the album "CAUTIVO" 2005
Chay are major changes to the activity-based,
He quietly closed the "wings" of his...


I'm unusually depressed when I listen to this album(CAUTIVO) for the first time
Because I came to realize it.

"Chay will not dance no no..."

But Chay is 37 years old when he announced the "CAUTIVO".
"Wings" of his, has been more than a quarter of a century already overworked.

We do not wonder even if Chay retire if he is a jumbo jet :))

And,They are always fighting with injury if 37-year-old professional athlete.
Even if there is no matter how their skills and experience,
They do not fight in forefront equal with young players.

I think the same thing would have been for Chayanne those things...

But, however,
Too much too soon he will retire!!!
It is not that time very much!

So Chay closes his wings once while it is still having the spare capacity that,
Chay put his feet on the ground and He is not a dancer as a "artist".
I think Chayanne wanted to continue to pursue the power of music and singing.

I was taught that to me,
Is "No Te Preocupes Por Mi" song is the first single cut from "CAUTIVO".

There was no choreography to this song that was originally expected to dance and of course will enter.


They must inevitably go on tour if put out an album.
It is reckless to do without a dance performance on stage suddenly.

It is going to be deeply betrayed the expectations of the fans.
Chay did not want to make it never.

So, Chay has greatly changed the dance style.
Chay itself instead of elaborate dance choreography precisely in the full version of the past,
and He is covered by using a larger backup dancer that part.
He got a style that can be devoted to the song as much as possible.

So He will not dance much later CAUTIO tour.
His dance has become boring...

NancyO'Mera has a Chay's choreography since 2000.
She had been choreographed dance that excited us.

Level of dance that he was the cause of the decline is no such Nancy,
I think Chayanne wants the direction of such.

He may have had to do so.
because he will go to survive in the stringent show business. . .

Chayanne strongly desired to sing his dance style in varying.

He chose to "singing" longer than "dancing".
I think it was an obvious choice as an artist.

I accepted a long time over his choice,because I love him.

I love his way of life.

And, at least once, if the fans have seen his stage,
If you're a fan has ever felt the heat of his ...

Its beauty, charm, even without the "wings" and going dancing,
We know with will never change.

It even if it is not "Pegasus" example,
To be loved with they are the most beautiful creatures wingless thoroughbred in the world.

I think...
It is certain that there is a problem with his choreography at the moment.

But,There is no problem in any way that I love him.

I love Chayanne forever.
Life without Chayanne is not my life.

Thank you for reading this article.

I will thank you very much!!









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